Corporate and Taxation Advisory

Corporate and Taxation Advisory

Compliance in Pakistan with the legislative bodies is a complex matter. Noncompliance on part of business organizations will connote that they could face consequences of varying severity both in civil and criminal terms. Making sure that you are compliant with legislations can be time consuming and multifaceted. CGS assists you in meeting these obligations promptly and efficiently because of our broad range of corporate, tax and professional advisory services so that our clients would realize their potentials within the dynamic environments in which they do business.

Corporate Laws Compliance

Today's business challenges call for only the best in compliance management tools. New regulations, ever-changing requirements call for extra vigilance on your part. At CGS, the people are experienced and determined at provision of corporate advisory services including

  • Strategic Corporate Consultation.
  • Secretarial and Corporate Compliance Reporting Services.
  • Share registrar services.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Liquidation Proceedings.
  • 5.Services for Banks & Financial Institutions e.g. search reports for their corporate clients etc.
  • Advisory to “Not for Profit Organizations

Corporate Governance Compliance

Corporate Governance is a system by which companies are directed and controlled. AT CGS, We facilitate clients to optimize governance and critical ventures decisions and achieve advanced performance by recommendations based on valid substantiation. CGS knows that sound corporate governance practices direct to stronger and more effective Boards and enhanced organization performance. CGS provides entities an effective governance agenda that is critical in today’s competitive environment. Our corporate professionals are dedicated to pass knowledge to provide a full range of corporate governance solutions to the entities.

Taxation Services

In Pakistan, Tax management compliance is a complicated activity for many organizations. As a mandatory task the most advantageous treatment under the law is required while complying with the complex requirements of tax statutes and regulations. CGS’ qualified professionals provide taxation services.

  • Preparing and filing of Annual Income Tax Return.
  • Attending before the Tax Authorities for finalization of the Assessments.
  • Preparation of the Wealth Statement Reconciliation of Wealth.
  • Preparation of Cash Flow.
  • Maintenance of Annual records and Evidences of Return received from various sources of Investment made out of Foreign Remittance.
  • processing of appeals before the Commissioner of Income Tax and Income Tax Appellate Tribunal of Pakistan.

Transaction Advisory

CGS takes very hands on approach to support its customers through every step of the transaction process from initial examination through to finishing point. Transaction advisory services extend into a wider range of services throughout the transaction life-cycle to support the transactions accomplishments including operations due diligence, management assessment, valuations, IT due diligence and commercial due diligence. CGS’ experts are distinctively positioned to assist buyers, sellers and lenders to help maximize value and minimize risk during the transaction course and beyond through their technical expertise with industry specific knowledge.

  • Buyers Services
  • Seller Services
  • Lenders Services
  • Tax Services

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