Enterprise Risk & Performance Management

Enterprise Risk & Performance Management

Enterprise Risk Management is the concept applied in strategy setting and across the enterprise, designed to identify potential events that may affect the entity, and manage risk to be within its defined levels of risk, to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of the enterprise’s objectives.”

With several years of experience in enterprise risk management, CGS is fully equipped to help you fortify your organization’s information defenses and manage the ever-changing risk profile of your organization. We are The Control Professionals and our expertise is keeping watch over Your Best Business Interests.

CGS’ trained professionals are able to assist management to optimize resources allocation, priorities strategies and provide professional advice for improvements or reshape its processes to a desired level.

Services Include:

Internal Audit & System Control Reviews (IASCR)

We are your co-source partners in processing and achieving one common goal. Our unique risk based internal audit methodology help organization to remain focused on the key strategic area and help management to continuously improve internal controls.

CGS’ services help you to assess your control environment through establishment of internal control manuals/frameworks, appropriate work plans & audit programs and provision of concurrent audits as well that includes both pre and post audits to enhance the overall quality of your business processes.

Information systems (IS) Audits

An IS audit tends to focus on determining risks that are relevant to information assets, and in assessing controls in order to reduce or mitigate these risks. Our approach has been developed in accordance with ISACA Information Systems Audit Standards and Guidelines.

Our standards are on par with established practices of the IT industry, which ensure that we deliver quality output that is debugged and on time. Our Integrated, comprehensive, and customized service provide you with the tools you need to address today’s risk management issues, and position your organization to keep up with continually changing and complex security demands.

Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

A BPR implementation fundamentally transforms the way work is performed by re-thinking old processes, procedures, practices, and policies. CGS’ Business process re-engineering aimed at optimizing your business process lifecycle to increase value-added activities and decreases revenue leakage through an intense customer focus, superior process design and a strong and motivated leadership for the ultimate success of your business organizations.

We have proven techniques and vast experience & expertise for successful BPR implementations that produce measureable, achievable, and substantial financial benefits, as well as substantial productivity increases for our clients

Performance Management Strategies

Performance management includes the activities which ensure that all the objectives set in strategic apex are consistently being met effectively and efficiently. The successful development & execution of performance management strategies requires a dedicated focus on current as well as future value of all assets of an organization that call for use of an integrated solution.

CGS’experts including high-level managerial teams, executive groups, and process enhancement teams assists the customers to address this dilemma through effective strategy execution, defining a balanced scorecard, cascading and deployment and performance improvement to manage the strategy and performance areas of customers’ businesses. We provide these services as separate offerings, or as ingredient of an exclusive combined solution that is preferred by many of our customers.

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