Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources (HR) Consulting

CGS has extensive and diversified experiences in Human Resource Management, strives to contribute accrued expertise towards the qualitative enhancement of our valuable clients.

Our Approach

CGS can provide a much greater return on the substantial time, money, and effort that organizations invest in team building. We believe that the success of a business depends to a significant extent on the way it manages its human resources. Our approach is always tailored to reflect the style and direction of the client organization and with proven expertise in this field.


At CGS, we offer following hr related services

Head Hunting & Recruitment

“Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.” CGS implements comprehensive techniques to manage the recruitment with induction of IQ/EQ tests and assessments to hunt swashbuckling, charismatic, innovative and energetic exceptional TALENT for our valuable Clients..

HR Training & Development

CGS Training & Development Department is well aware of the importance of sound and effective training and the need for regular refresher training. To this end, CGS offers different training and development programs. Mentoring, coaching, on the job & off the job training and open programs on a wide range of subjects from leadership, communication & presentation skills, to personal & organizational effectiveness and performance.

HR Policies Review & Analysis

Human resource management policies & analysis are vital for organizations that are serious about resolving personnel issues and finding HR solutions. CGS provides clients with professional human resource advice, human resource policy solutions, and analysis and evaluation services.


CGS’HR Advisors provide its customers with the accomplishment of a comprehensive and effective program that gives managers the tools to properly appraise their employee's performance. Our unique Employee Appraisal Programs improve employee performance through provisions of Best Practices Guidelines, Education and Evaluations.

If you have any querry for related consulting, then We are available for you.