MIS Solution for Beauty Salons / Clinics


The working of a beauty clinic is little different from the other enterprise business. While working with known beauty clinics such as Depilex we understand the working environment of a Beauty Clinic and also understand the scope of management information systems best meeting the requirement of facilitation to their work.

We are proving a web based solution and in addition to the general features, we equipped our software with some extra helpful salon type features. Actually, we tried to add up everything that is deemed useful to a salon owner, in their day-to-day running of the business. Things like Sales, Commission Tracking and Hourly Pay are sure to help you run your business smoothly. Also you have the Gift Receipt option and the Tip Receipt option, along with the possibility of Full Sales History, look-up and reprint options.

Our MIS software covers the following areas of a beauty clinic:

1. Beautification Services.
2. Gym Services.
3. Self-Grooming (Training) Classes.
4. Product Sale

Features of our MIS Software

This information system is consisting on the following modules:

1. Sale Point Management.
2. Customer Services Management.
3. Inventory & Stores Management.
4. Accounting Management.
5. Employee Management.
6. Reporting.
7. Web Portal.

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