ERP For Textile Industry

ERP for Textile Industry

CGS Textile MIS is flawlessly integrated with CGS Financials, Asset Management System and payroll MIS to chip in all the business routes & activities for managing textile mills’ different processes i.e. spinning, processing and weaving, in a multi user and multi location environment. This end to end integration begins from establishing production plan, raw-material procurements to ultimate sales. This MIS completes all cycles i.e. Requisition, Procurement e.g. purchasing quality raw material (Contamination free), order and consumption. It endows with supreme management controls to the textile millers in terms of cost, production, and quality and customer relationships management as well.

  • Order Management System
  • Procurement Management System (For Cotton & Polyester)
  • Gate Management System
  • Production Planning & Control (PPC)
  • Packing & Dispatch Management System (For Local & Export Sales including L/C management System)
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Inventory Management System (For Cotton & Polyester)

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